PERISOAP: A short film shot and broadcast live on Twitter

Perisoap / Periscope app short film.

One Saturday morning 10 people converged In a flat in North London and made a little history.

They shot a complete short film drama entirely through the new Twitter app Periscope. An app which allows people to stream video from their mobile phone to the entire world and respond to the comments of whoever’s watching in real time.

As with any live event, the logistics were fiendishly difficult to orchestrate. The main actress was also the camera operator, who had to time her performance to not only work with the rest of the cast in real life but also of the cast commenting via the app. But the real surprise was the extra 150 unsuspecting Periscope users who joined to follow the stream, making following the scripted comments even more challenging.

Throw in a shoplifting scene and subsequent police phone call from an unknowing member of the public and things got a little hairy.

For first time Director Avril Furness the ambition of the project was what made it so compelling:

“I had only heard about the app 3 weeks ago and wanted to explore how the pressure of the crowd can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do”

And the users of Periscope seemed to like it too:

“Don’t know if this is real or not but finally something entertaining on Periscope” @TylerMiller_10

Which begs the question of such a new medium, how will it be used in the future? If people aren’t engaging with live streams of people doing nothing, is there an opportunity to evolve the soap opera like Lonelygirl15 did almost a decade ago? Time will tell.