The Last Moments

A 360 VR film experience


Made in collaboration with Framestore Pictures, VISYON 360, freelance designers from immersive theatre company Punchdrunk and Grand Central Sound Studios, The Last Moments is a virtual reality film experience that puts the viewer in the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas, a dignity in dying organisation in Switzerland.

Dignitas, Switzerland


Shot at Bristol Museum’s 2015/16 exhibition: ‘death: the human experience’ in a replica of a room at Dignitas Switzerland, The Last Moments is an interactive docudrama film that allows the viewer to experience an assisted suicide and either end their life or carry on living.

The choice the viewer makes directly impacts the outcome of the film and also allows for choices to be polled to help spark debate on this sensitive issue.

The film is currently being submitted to various international film festivals.

The film has won an Award of Recognition at The IndieFEST Film Awards, 2016 and was nominated for Best Director at Underwire Film Festival, November 2016, and is up for an ‘Immersive Award’ at Encounters Film Festival, Bristol September 2017.

Press Information


Euthanasia conference in Amsterdam, May 2016
The film was shared with medical specialists, PhD researchers and right to die groups


The Guardian Masterclass, Goldsmiths University, March 2017

London Short Film Festival, Jan 2017

Raindance VRX Awards Launch, May 2016

Raindance VR Masterclass series, May 2016

VR World 2017 Panel: Developing for VR, AR and MR in TV and Film panel, May 17th 2017

BFI Media Conference, VR Masterclass, June 30th 2017

VR Open Air Festival, Zurich, August 2017

Open City Docs, London August 2017

Encounters film Festival, VR Q&A/Masterclass, September 22nd 2017


Helen Barford, Wife, Actor
Amelie Leroy, ‘Be-friender/ Dignitas Representative’ Actor
Nick Murphy, Man, Voice Over
Avril Furness, Writer, Director, Producer
David Hay, Producer, Framestore Pictures
Toby Walsham, Assistant Producer, Framestore Pictures
Liam Thompson, Marketing Coordinator, Framestore
Jess Vile, Colourist, Framestore
All the team at VISYON 360
Ben Plant, Camera and Lighting
Lizzy Graham and all at Marshall Street Editors
Mike Hill, Steve Lane & George Castle Grand Central Sound Studios
Hebe George, Set Designer (Offset Studios Production Design)
Zoe Franklin, Set Designer (Freelance)
Alec Walker, Set Designer, Bristol Museum
With special thanks to:
Lisa Graves World Cultures Curator, Bristol Museum and her team
Ben Hecking, Cinematographer
Daisy Gili and Anna MacDonald at London Film Academy
Joan Chandler, Dying with Dignity
Pauline Carroll, retired District Nurse
Silvan Luley and all at Dignitas, Zurich Switzerland
Lesley Close; sister to John Close (died May 2003 at Dignitas)