The Last Moments

A 360 Virtual Reality Assisted Suicide Film

An experience that puts the viewer in the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas, a dignity in dying organisation in Switzerland.

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The Empathy Machine

A 360 Noir-VR Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

The viewer is the central detective character in this immersive VR experience shot at The Roundhouse theatre, London.

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360 Audio Sensory Meridian Response VR Sound Healing film

This ASMR Sound healing film video is a creative co-collaboration between ASMR Artist WhisperRed, Director VR Filmmaker Avril Furness and Innovation Services Company VISYON.

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Style to the End

A short film commissioned by NOWNESS as part of their The Way We Dress series.
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The Hug Project

An art installation exploring the moment of intimacy between two strangers captured on film.
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A short drama shot and broadcast live on Twitter
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